TMs are Technical Machines that can be found in game at PokéStops. These TMs can be used for various different things, including using powerful attacks like the never before seen Hydro Cannon! The only way to use one of these new TM’s is by fighting a Raid Boss (so far only Kyogre has been confirmed, which has a Hydro Cannon move). The best way to get these Technical Machines is to defeat Raid Bosses.

TMs are items you can find at Pokestops in Pokemon GO. They have many different uses, including progression in gyms or battle with other trainers, but there’s one use that hasn’t been discussed much… well until now. Use them to teach new moves to your Pokemon!

How to use tm in pokemon go

These are the steps that you need to follow in order to use a TM:

  1. You will need your chosen Pokemon with you, whether it’s defending a gym or carrying around candy for another creature.
  2. Open up you Bag screen, and tap on any TMs that you have available to use. Select which Pokemon you want to teach the new move to.
  3. A warning will come up, asking if you’re sure about teaching your Pokemon a TM move; tap yes and that’s it. The Pokemon now knows the attack and can use it whenever they like in battle or otherwise. You can also check what moves your creatures know by tapping on the Pokemon’s summary and looking at the moves listed below their name.

Sounds like a useful thing to do, right? Well it is! And you can get more TMs with this method: When you defeat a Raid boss (like Entei for example) you will see some of the people in your area who helped fight against Entei. There is a chance that they will give you some TMs.

So, for example, if you’re helping fight against Entei and someone who isn’t in your area gives you one of the new TMs then it’s yours to keep even if they leave! So next time you beat a Raid Boss remember to say thanks to those who help you out, as they might be able to reward you with some useful things.

Pokemon GO Gamepedia Entry on TMs

This page will give you more information on the different types of TMs that are available in Pokemon go. There are two sections which are “Types” and “Use”. Click on “Use” for more information on how to use them. Don’t forget to check out the page for more information!

The different types of Tms available

Fast Attack, Charged Attack, Super Effective, Not Very Effective. You can also use TMs to teach your Pokemon any moves they might have forgotten (forgot how to use it). If you forgot the attack name of a move on your Pokemon, click here for more information.

You can also see on the Google Docs page, TMs are being ranked in tiers so you know which ones to keep and which ones to use.

Which pokemon benefit the most from which type of Tms

This is a chart that will show you which Pokemon benefit the most from what type of Tm.

So for example, if we use the electric attack Thunderbolt as an example:

We can see that Raichu and Voltorb both benefit nicely from this type of TM. But there’s also Zapdos and Jolteon.


So in a nutshell, TMs are a type of item that can be found at Pokestops. The way you use them is similar to how you would use a Pokeball: just select the Pokemon you want to teach the TM move to and presto! The Pokemon now knows what attack it is. Good luck, trainers! And thank you for using our guide!

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